5541451_sMost of us walk every day.

Our ability to walk without pain and excessive effort can easily be taken for granted – until an accident or a chronic illness restricts our mobility, and we need help to regain it.

Centered WalkingSM utilizes two related methods – the Alexander Technique and Up With GravitySM that have a history of helping people improve the way they do all their daily activities, including walking.

It can be used by people of all ages to walk as well as their physical structure as their  medical condition allows.

Perhaps even more importantly, Centered WalkingSM can be very helpful in preventing the kind of injuries that so often lead to walking and other movement limitations.

The essentials of Up With GravitySM  can usually be learned on your own, without the help of a teacher.  The Alexander Technique is most often learned in individual lessons and in groups with the help of a trained teacher, although it is possible to do a good deal of useful studying on your own. The principles of the Alexander Technique are also sometimes taught at a distance using Zoom.

Either of these processes can be extremely effective in helping you improve the way you walk. They are even more powerful when used together.


Image credit: sborisov / 123RF Stock Photo